Monday, 9 June 2014

My Life During Pre-sessional School!

Hi everyone~It's me again~!! Claire
Some people were asking me a lot about my experience during the pre-sessional school (English Language Teaching Centre).
So, now I am going to show you some photos and share my experience with you!

First of all, studying in the pre-sessional class will not only help you improve your English (for passing the final exam in order to get your unconditional offer)
but also helps you to settle into the new environment more easily.
For example, the teachers not only teach you how to pass the exam, they also teach you how to write a project and use academic language, as well as how to use the library and online system, presentation skills and how to make your own notes from the lectures
All the skills I mentioned above can help you have a easier life when you join the real master course.

See, I was working with a cup of coffee in the library for my first English project!!!

By starting your life in the UK a little bit earlier you also benefit from finding out about all the activities the university offers.  You can learn how to make a cup of coffee with fresh beans and do some coffee art - trust me this is really my fist time at a shot!

And you can also have a little afternoon party with some new friends


Watching dog racing !! First time in my life!!

During the weekend there's is always the chance to go on a trip.  The ELTC offer these trips and they are really really cheap!! You only have to pay around £5 for the bus!!
You can have a lovely weekend to Liverpool, Bakewell and York

At the end of the course, a farewell party for all the ELTC students

I hope sharing my experience helps you consider your options
Come and join us in Sheffield

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