Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Major for the Master : )

Hi, I am Claire, today I want to introduce my Masters course to you. I am studying for a  Msc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management in the management school of University of Sheffield. And I think my major is the most special course in the management school. :P Because the course is not only teach us the business study and strategy, but also combine the cultural phenomenon and theory, such as Cultural marketing. It doesn’t just focus on a single area. I believe this course at the University of Sheffield can help me to get into my career quicker than other courses and is more connective to the practical aspect which I am interested in.

The most enjoyable thing about studying my subject at the University of Sheffield is that we have a field trip during the course period. The teachers took us to one of the local theatres in Sheffield and the local creative cultural industries workshop to help us experience the real thing outside reading and lectures. In addition, they also invite the managers who currently work in the cultural organization to give us some lecture in order to teach us some practical skills. Our assignments are mainly based on the case study of a real organization which helps us become more familiar of how organizations work in practice

    The most valuable aspects of my course are that our teachers are not only good at academic teaching, but also have great experience from the society. Some of them even have the O.B.E. medal from The Queen of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the teaching from those amazing people is absolutely the most valuable thing of my course.

The photo of the O.B.E. medal from the teacher!!

If you want to know more, see the link below. (The photo we took in the field trip is on the website!!)

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