Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Investment in the University

Hi, I am Claire,

Recently I have been very busy with my idea's for my dissertation. It's not easy when you are trying to make the general idea more specific. But I am doing my best on it.

Today, I am going to tell you about my investment in the University.
Although the University is mainly about teaching you how to get your knowledge in an academic way; the University of Sheffield also offers a lot of help to make you a better connection to the real business world.

First, on the University section. They have a Career Service to advise students who needs any help or advice on their career choices and options.

If you are in the management school, like me~
You can just go to the career service in the management school!!
Just go into the office, and they will help you with your enquiries and make an appointment for you to see the professional adviser.

As for my course (Creative and Cultural Industries Management.)
We have several field trips during the semesters.

For example, we went to the theatre in Sheffield to watch some performances which help us know more about the theatre business. Furthermore, this semester we are going to go the back stage of the theatre!!!! To see how it works and learn more detail about that.

Also, we went to the showroom, electric works which is the CCI business in Sheffield.

We can also have some volunteer opportunities if we have time.

The rest of this semester, we are going to go the the Western Bank Museum which will introduce us to real life working patterns, watch the musical-Fame, and even may get a chance to go to another city for visiting some CCI organization.

Furthermore, I am planning to do the volunteer for the documentary film festival in Sheffield in June!! I think this will also enhance my ability in the practical aspect~!!

All this experience helps me not just having the knowledge in the academic aspect but also in the real business section. I think that will improve my employability!!

The show we watched last semester:


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