Thursday, 3 April 2014

Eat in Sheffield :)

Some people may worry about what kind of food they can eat as their daily meal when they are not in their home country.

So, today I want to share some pictures with you about my life in Sheffield.

Firstly! If you study in UK. You must try some traditional English food!!!

Fish and Chips:

Full English breakfast!! Makes you feel energetic all day long!

 Afternoon tea party:

Want to know what kind of cuisine you can have in restaurant in Sheffield?

My first meal in restaurant in Sheffield~ Nandos!!!

Try some Turkish food~

Taiwan bouble milk tea!!!

When the winter comes, you must miss hot pot so much!!! So....

You can go eat at restaurant or eat in the accommodation with your flatmates~!!

Worried about how to eat some Taiwanese food when you're feeling homesick~??

Don't worry!! You can find all the ingredients here and cook by yourself~

Taiwanese cuisine

Korean food!!

And sushi as well~!!

Or you can eat with Chinese friends.

and eat the Japanese food cooked by my Japanese flatmate!!

There's so much diversity in Sheffield!

So, don't worry about having only English food here for a year.

Worry about how to keep yourself from gaining too much weight!!!!  :P

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