Thursday, 3 April 2014

Accommodation !!!

Hi everyone,

Today I want to tell you something very important. When you start thinking about studying in another country, accommodation must be a big issue for you all. I know it was for me! So here's some general information about accommodation from my personal experience : )

Firstly, many students want to apply for the the school accommodation. Our University offer lots of accommodation for students here and you can see some information on the website and apply one for your own. (

Basically, living in the student accommodation is a good choice for the students who study here for the first year. Because the University offer a lot of information and help for the new students and international students are guaranteed accommodation in the university for the first year.  It is very safe and secure and there are always have guards in the accommodation 24 hours. Although Sheffield is already one of the safest city in UK, You will still feel safer when there are guards around the place you live. Especially for girls.

And this is the accommodation I live right now.

Finally, some pictures of my own experience

This is what the room looked like when I arrived on the first day.

And this is after I set everything up.

Final picture. The view when it first snow in Sheffield. (Looked out side my window.)

The other choice of having accommodation in UK is some private accommodation.

Here are some options that you can take in to consideration as well:-


Time to think of your own accommodation in Sheffield now!!!


  1. I have greatly benefited going through the article. I will share my experience with my friends and hoping that they will visit this site too.

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