Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Investment in the University

Hi, I am Claire,

Recently I have been very busy with my idea's for my dissertation. It's not easy when you are trying to make the general idea more specific. But I am doing my best on it.

Today, I am going to tell you about my investment in the University.
Although the University is mainly about teaching you how to get your knowledge in an academic way; the University of Sheffield also offers a lot of help to make you a better connection to the real business world.

First, on the University section. They have a Career Service to advise students who needs any help or advice on their career choices and options.

If you are in the management school, like me~
You can just go to the career service in the management school!!
Just go into the office, and they will help you with your enquiries and make an appointment for you to see the professional adviser.

As for my course (Creative and Cultural Industries Management.)
We have several field trips during the semesters.

My Favorite Libraries!

Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about my favorite library in the University of Sheffield.

There are four libraries in the University.

 I am going to share with you information about my favorite one and the one which most students go.

 First! My favorite one! Western Bank Library.

You have to noticed that this library is not open 24 hours!


The whole space is for students to study silently, so remember to stay quiet when you come here.

My favorite part for this library is the view you can have when you look outside the window!

Just feel like you are sitting in the park. And you can also enjoy the sunshine when there is a sunny day. Therefore, you can have a really good mood when you study here. It make you work more efficiently!!

The one which most students like to go!! Information commons!!

One of the reason that it is so popular is bacause it opens for 24 hours!!! So you can come here and study all day, or even all night !!!

Eat in Sheffield :)

Some people may worry about what kind of food they can eat as their daily meal when they are not in their home country.

So, today I want to share some pictures with you about my life in Sheffield.

Firstly! If you study in UK. You must try some traditional English food!!!

Fish and Chips:

Full English breakfast!! Makes you feel energetic all day long!

 Afternoon tea party:

Want to know what kind of cuisine you can have in restaurant in Sheffield?

Accommodation !!!

Hi everyone,

Today I want to tell you something very important. When you start thinking about studying in another country, accommodation must be a big issue for you all. I know it was for me! So here's some general information about accommodation from my personal experience : )

Firstly, many students want to apply for the the school accommodation. Our University offer lots of accommodation for students here and you can see some information on the website and apply one for your own. (

Basically, living in the student accommodation is a good choice for the students who study here for the first year. Because the University offer a lot of information and help for the new students and international students are guaranteed accommodation in the university for the first year.  It is very safe and secure and there are always have guards in the accommodation 24 hours. Although Sheffield is already one of the safest city in UK, You will still feel safer when there are guards around the place you live. Especially for girls.

And this is the accommodation I live right now.

Finally, some pictures of my own experience

This is what the room looked like when I arrived on the first day.

And this is after I set everything up.

My Major for the Master : )

Hi, I am Claire, today I want to introduce my Masters course to you. I am studying for a  Msc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management in the management school of University of Sheffield. And I think my major is the most special course in the management school. :P Because the course is not only teach us the business study and strategy, but also combine the cultural phenomenon and theory, such as Cultural marketing. It doesn’t just focus on a single area. I believe this course at the University of Sheffield can help me to get into my career quicker than other courses and is more connective to the practical aspect which I am interested in.

The most enjoyable thing about studying my subject at the University of Sheffield is that we have a field trip during the course period. The teachers took us to one of the local theatres in Sheffield and the local creative cultural industries workshop to help us experience the real thing outside reading and lectures. In addition, they also invite the managers who currently work in the cultural organization to give us some lecture in order to teach us some practical skills. Our assignments are mainly based on the case study of a real organization which helps us become more familiar of how organizations work in practice

    The most valuable aspects of my course are that our teachers are not only good at academic teaching, but also have great experience from the society. Some of them even have the O.B.E. medal from The Queen of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the teaching from those amazing people is absolutely the most valuable thing of my course.

The photo of the O.B.E. medal from the teacher!!

If you want to know more, see the link below. (The photo we took in the field trip is on the website!!)