Thursday, 23 January 2014

Location - Sheffield as a City

Having been in Sheffield since September 2009, it is becoming more of a second home rather than just a place where I attend University. It is a place I hold dear to my heart and I would like to share with you why I think it's the best place for you to spend your university times and beyond.

Sheffield is a city located in South Yorkshire, England. Even though it is the third/fourth largest English cities by population, it feels more like a small town to me. However, that is not to say it doesn't have a good range of shops and facilities for its residents. On the contrary, I think it exemplifies the best integration of small town/close-knit community living with urban city life.

Sheffield is located conveniently within easy access to other major cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London. London is 2 hours train ride away while the other 3 cities can be reached within one hour.

The beautiful Peak District is just 5 miles away from Sheffield city centre and is one of my favourite places to spend some quality time relaxing, either through walking or cycling.

Derwent Valley

Tackling the slope with ease, not! 
Cycling at Derwent Valley
Posing for the camera, on a bike, with the river as the background. meh.

Important thing at uni: make good friends who are willing to move rock (literally) for your pleasure :) 

Wildlife at the Peaks

The City itself is really compact and everything is within walking distance or a short bus journey away. Most of the university buildings are close to student's halls/accommodation so most of the students walk to uni, which is a really healthy way of living! 

The Arts Tower - opened in 1966 it is still the tallest education building in the UK, and in my role as a student ambassador also where I work.

Western Bank on a beautiful Day (view from the 6th floor of the Information Commons) 

Sheffield also has its own tram network which provides access to major locations across the city, for e.g. the Sheffield Cathedral, University, City Centre and Meadowhall. 

Meadowhall is an indoor shopping centre that is located about 20 minutes away from the city centre by Tram. It is the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire and the eighth largest in the whole of UK! There are close to 300 shops at Meadowhall and it is really a great place to shop and chill out. There's also a cinema at the shopping centre too! 

24 hours Tesco

Sheffield also offers a good range of clubs, theatres and museums for its residents, for example, the Crucible. The Crucible theatre is famous for hosting the annual World Snooker Championship. An interesting thing to note is that the Sports Psychologist credited with helping Ronnie O'Sullivan to overcome the shackles of depression to go back to winning ways, is Dr Steve Peters, who is also a lecturer at Sheffield Medical School! 

Sheffield- My City :)

Hi everyone, I thought you might like to hear more about Sheffield as a city, so I have shared some of my photographs taken here.

If you want to get around the city but don't want to walk by foot too much, there's always public transportation for you to choose. For example the tram! (This is one of my favourite was to travel because I am quite lazy:P)

The tram comes nearly every ten minutes during the week, and twenty minutes at the weekend.
It is also very convenient if you want to go to the biggest shopping mall in Sheffield-Meadowhall shopping center!!!

The city center is also a place full of surprises.....usually it looked like this.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

World Food Festival!

Hi everyone It's Claire here!

It's been a long time from the last blog, because I was having my Christmas and New year vacation.  It was really great and I wish you all have a happy new year.
I wanted to write to you about some of the activities hosted by the Student Union, and how they work together with some of the National student societies.
The students in University of Sheffield come from all over the world. One of the best ways to communicate and to understand different cultures is through food!!!!!
I really like trying new food :P and I wanted to share some photographs from a recent event held by the students union - The World Food Festival!!

The World Food Festival held in the Octagon Centre. Looks like a big party!!

There were sooooo many different National societies there, and lots of special food . It's like a little Food Unite Nation~: ))

Food for thought!!! I hope you have already finished your meal, because this will leave you feeling hungry after seeing this photos :P

Sorry I don't remember all of the food's name , because I was sooo busy eating them!!!!:P

And don't think that eating the food was the only thing you can do there!! There were also some performances from our student societies including traditional dancing :))

See! is it great!! Come to University of Sheffield and experience it by youself:P

There are also a lot of events that hold for international students. If you get the chance, don't miss them: ))))

Friday, 3 January 2014

Student Societies at the University of Sheffield - my personal experience

There is never a dull moment when you are here at the University of Sheffield. There are close to 300 societies and clubs of all sorts for students to take part in.  Sheffield students are encouraged to participate in these societies either as members or as part of the executive committees.

In this post I am going to tell you about my experience participating in student’s societies and why I would I encourage all of you to do the same as well

Throughout my time at the University thus far, I have been members and executive committee members of societies and founded one society as well. I spent two years with the University of Sheffield Oxfam Society, first as a member and then as the secretary of the society and it was a really good learning journey and meaningful experience. Oxfam Society is a charitable society that aims to raise awareness for issues, such as Land Grabs and also to raise funds for charitable causes. In the two years with Oxfam, we did a wide range of things; we carried out a stimulated land-grab at the University Concourse to raise awareness about Land Grabs happening in developing nations, we organized cake and biscuits sales to raise funds for charity, we organized a Pub-Quiz (with quiz questions of issues relating to Women) to celebrate International Women’s day at the Reynor Lounge, we also organized a film screening as part of the EEK week.

Picture of Land Grab 2011

Pictures of cake sale 2011

(as you can see I don't feel that comfortable facing people back then!)

Picture of Pub Quiz 2012 to celebrate International Women's Day 

 Apart from Oxfam, a group of Taiwanese friends and I also founded the newly established University of Sheffield Taiwan Society. Facebook -

The society was established with the aim of promoting Taiwanese culture to all the students here at the University. We organize a wide range of socials and events to both entertain and promote different elements of Taiwan’s culture, for example, film screenings, Taiwanese language class and karaoke socials. We have just celebrated Xmas with a Christmas dinner held in conjunction with the East Asian Studies Society.

Screen Grab of film screening events page 2012

 Picture of Taiwanese language class 2012

Picture of karaoke social 2013

Picture of X’mas dinner 2013

I would totally recommend students to participate actively in student societies as members, and if possible as executive committee members. It is a great way to make new friends and have fun and also serves as a good opportunity to learn crucial inter-personal skills!