Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Orientation Week - A Lovely Start!

Hello again!

Perhaps you guys are preparing for the trip to Sheffield now, and probably have your own ideas of how to explore this lovely city.  I would like to recommend the International Orientation week for freshmen and new postgrads! That week was extraordinarily good for me!
A busy schedule for orientation week!
Although currently I am not a resident in the University accommodation, my experience with it was great! I lived in the Endcliffe during the orientation week, which includes in the cost accommodation if you are on the residential programme (for more details/to book please follow this link).  After a long trip travelling from Taiwan to the UK, Endcliff was truly a remarkable place to live in!
Orientation week was fantastic! It allowed me to have a look around the city (and see the people here) before starting my course.

St George's Church - a former church used for lectures and postgraduate accommodation
In Sheffield town centre, on Fargare
I thought that the visit to Chatsworth House was the most impressive part of the week. Chatsworth is a famous building which has featured in many period dramas and films.

People looking out of the famous Chatsworth House at the beautiful view

Another room in Chatsworth is really impressive!

At the end of the week, we even had a sumptuous formal dinner.

So, what are you waiting for?! Book yourself a place on the Orientation Week you would like to learn more about the city and make new friends before Intro Week begins. More information, including how to book, can be found here:

This article was written by Yu-Hsuan Sun.

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