Friday, 10 May 2013

Pot Luck Lunch is awesome!

Last Wednesday, The International Office held a gathering of its International Office Ambassadors, like me, for lunch. People brought their traditional cuisines from their countries to the lunch and shared with others, introducing the ingredients and the name of the food in their language.

I really enjoyed having those delicious foods and was pretty sure that day was the day my stomach finally felt satisfied! Cuisines from Middle East are marvelously delicious and have really beautiful looks. Too bad that I cannot spell those names or say them! But still, as an Asian, I have taken some pictures of them!
Super delicious cuisine from Middle East!
Elegant and delicious Sushi from Japan!

Although Taiwan has been selected as the representive of gluttony in the a recent CNN travel article, I am not a qualified cook (but a glutton for sure!). Originally I plan to make Steamed cake (發糕), a classic traditional dessert served in Taiwan. Unfortunately I didn't successfully make steamed cake, but luckily I have a photo of its completed version showing to other people the way it should be like. That's why I only post the completed version of it in the following; I don't want to embarrass my people!

Steamed cake from Taiwan

Anyway, Bon appetit!

Written by Yu-Hsuan Sun, International Office Ambassador for Taiwan
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